T Windahl

Windahl brings hope, encouragement and inspiration wherever she goes! Whether speaking to a women’s group at a community event or a church, T. shares from her heart and her life, touching those listening at a deeper level.

T. has a special message for those who suffer because she has suffered much herself. That suffering has included: trouble conceiving a child; a miscarriage; marital problems; a job loss for her husband and four cancers from 1991-2001 beginning with stage-four ovarian. T. delights in encouraging others no matter where they are on their life’s journey or what kind of circumstances surround them. She knows that life can be hard but that hope is always available.

Life is an adventure! Along with encouraging and mentoring, her passions include reading and archery, as well as varied creative and adventurous endeavors. She enjoys spending quality time with loved ones over a cup of coffee or good food…especially her husband Pete’s. T. and Pete have been married for 34 years and have a son, Zach.

For more information about T. or to invite her to speak at an event, please contact Sheila Waldman at TRISTAN Publishing.

"T. Windahl shares her gift of extraordinary faith, and the source of that faith in the midst of great trials. You will be strengthened, comforted and inspired through T's experiences. And the pages of her book will leave you forever changed." Deb M.

"T. Windahl has been an encouragement to me from the first day we met. Her life lived, as a faithful follower of Christ, serves as an example to encourage others needing hope when facing hardships." Kelly M