Jonathan Smith


Jonathan Smith is the Director of Technology for Faith Ministries in Lafayette, Indiana. He is also a national conference speaker and author. At Faith, Jonathan overseas all aspects of technology across multiple campuses. His responsibilities include financial planning and budgeting, network administration, technology team management, IT support and audio/visual team oversight.  From 2003-2015, Jonathan served as one of the elected deacons at Faith Church.   

In addition to his role at Faith, Jonathan is also the President of MBS, Inc. MBS provide technology services exclusively for churches and ministries.

In these roles, Jonathan has the opportunity to use his passion for all things technology to honor Christ, and to help others do the same.

Jonathan has provided input and expertise for two engagements at the White House during the Obama administration. He has used social media to build connections with NASA to help promote space exploration and fuel his hobby of chasing rockets. He is a frequent presenter at biblical counseling, church technology and leadership conferences and speaks at parenting workshops across the country.

He has worked in several IT and media-related fields including in radio as an on-air personality and commercial voice-over artist as well as with the Star Trek TV franchise in promotions. He continues to be a devoted Trekkie today.

Jonathan attended Purdue University and has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Phoenix in Management of Information Technology.

Jonathan enjoys traveling and eating.

Jonathan and his wife Heather have two children, Eric and Becca, and reside in Lafayette, Indiana.

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