Jessica Lynn Curtis

If one were to ask six-year-old Jessica what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was automatic: an author. Thirty years and a long and winding road later, young Jessica's dream has come true with the publication of “Papa's New Home”.

During Jessica's teen years, writing took a backseat to her other passions - music and acting. She attended Ithaca College, where she majored in flute and voice. In 2000, Jessica moved to NYC. The inspiration for “Papa's New Home” came from an acting class assignment to write an autobiography. Jessica found herself writing about her Papa. At the same time, she was noticing a trend among the children she was babysitting: many had lost a pet or a grandparent, and they weren’t just sad – they didn’t understand where their loved one had gone.

Jessica now manages to combine her loves of writing, music, and performing. Her short play, Everyday Wilcox, was performed in the Roy Arias Off Broadway Theatre in 2011. She has performed improv comedy at clubs all over NYC, sings with the Voices in Unity choir, and has even written and performed her own one woman show.

A Massachusetts native and die hard Red Sox fan, Jessica’s writing has appeared on Boston Dirt Dogs, the Boston Globe’s online Red Sox site. She has also been featured on Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox website performing her song, Voice of the Faithful, which was the winner of the Red Nation anthem contest in 2004.

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