Julie Klenk

From Fear to Faith


Julie Klenk

From Fear to Faith


The 12 week study, From Fear to Faith,  guides each of us to remember, through Christ, what we may have previously forgotten…

We do not need to carry it all on our own.

We can stop holding on to everything so tightly.

We can, finally, give it up to God.

My commitment with this book is to invite you into a new way of living -  one that isn’t constrained by fear and anxiety...but rather liberated with God’s love, and your own identity within Him.

Many of us in the world today feel paralyzed with fear and anxiety - whether in the uncertainty of day-to-day events, life transitions, or even tragedies…

The level of worry and fear seems to be increasing - blocking us from the love, joy and abundance we are capable of experiencing.

The lessons throughout this book guide you to choose not only a new perspective, but also a new way of being… a simple, and yet profound undertaking.

To turn fear into faith.


Each day, you’ll be in the presence of the Lord as you dig into His word - with each week building on the last, to continue to deepen your faith and connection to Him.

The simple and practical disciplines will help you find safety in uncertainty, strength in challenging times, and clarity in who you really are. 

You will be guided to face your giants of fear and anxiety...and reclaim your true power through God. 

From Fear to Faith is simple.  It’s impactful. And it’s life changing.  

Here’s the breakdown:

Week 1 – Dig Out the Weeds

Week 2 – Look Up

Week 3 – Choose Faith

Week 4 – Worship Him

Week 5 – Destroy Idols

Week 6 – Know Who You Are

Week 7 – Thank Him

Week 8 – Pray

Week 9 – Thwart the Lies

Week 10 – Know His Word

Week 11 – Stand Firm

Week 12 – Tell Others

We’re inviting you to join the many others who have moved from fear to faith, by His grace, and through this life transforming study of God’s word.

From Fear to Faith is perfect for individual study, as a one-on-one study, or as a small-group study.  

To learn about our church ministry discounts, please contact us at 866-545-1383 during our business hours of 9:00-5:00, CST, Monday through Friday.  It will be our delight to help you.

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Ann R.
United States United States
I recommend this product

From Fear to Faith

This is a great study. The length is perfect and the lessons are manageable. I Will be using it in January with women and there is an interest in inviting others they know who struggle with fear. Thank for making this available and for the extra copies!

Madaly L.
United States United States
I recommend this product

A Lighthouse in My Storm

When From Fear to Faith found me I was depressed, suicidal, angry, joyless, numb, and broken. When I finally decided to reach out for help through my local church I was paired with Julie Klenk herself as my personal counselor. As I went through the study I was able to examine some of the damaging fears and lies I had been believing for years and how much power I was allowing them to have on my life. Slowly, week by week, I began to trust God more and believe in His word and hold fast to His promises. My hate began to subside, my anger lessened, and I started wanting to forgive the people in my life who’d wronged me. It was a slow journey for sure, but every step was helpful and necessary! Now on the other side of all 12 weeks of hard work I can confidently say that I am no longer suicidal or depressed. Of course like anyone of us I have my good days and bad days, but this book, along with Julie’s guidance, has taught me to think differently; calling out the lies for what they are and believing the truth. I would highly recommend this study for anyone struggling through suicidal thoughts or depression. All you need is a willingness to learn and an open heart to receive what God is trying to tell you through these pages. Let Him in.

Jacinta A.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Study Review

I've had the privilege of reading one of the book published by this company called From Fear to Faith by Julie Kline. I was able to go through this study with Julie during my time in biblical counseling, and the lessons, questions, and topics discussion were all sp well written and gave me a lot of insight on who God is and what he can do to help me overcome my fears. They book has a great balance of discussion questions and supporting those topics with scripture. I love how each question asked gets you really thinking about how you view God in your life and how he can help you combat the lies tossed out by the enemy. The book is very comfortable to navigate, has a great amount of scripture, and ends each lesson reminding the reader to pray on each topic of the day. Very nicely laid out and plenty of room to write out each answer for each question. Also very handy as it has each verse in the book at the end for those who have trouble finding a verse in the Word. I highly recommend this study to anyone suffering from fear, anxiety, and depression! It had transformed my life immensely, and I am a living and breathing testimony to it's effects!

Nancy D.
Senegal Senegal

What a wonderful study!

I am forever grateful for this book and the teachings of Julie. God has answered my prayers of healing and peace. What a blessing it was to be transformed day by day as the weeks went by. I could see the Lord actively working in my life and in my heart as I was digging deeper and deeper in the study. This book is full of wisdom and truths! A divine encounter for my life even tho I’ve been a believer for years. I’ve found the tools shared in this study simple and practical yet so powerful. I’ve really enjoyed the process of doing the study (especially along side with Julie!).

Angela D.
United States United States

Lovely title

I have not been able to study it yet but looking forward to doing so