Is Our Misinterpretation Of The True Meaning Of A "Blessed Life" Blocking Us From Experiencing A Life Of Blessing

A no-nonsense approach to understanding what it truly means to live a blessed life.

Is your definition of a “blessing” limiting you from recognizing God’s goodness?

Far too many of us associate “blessing” to be about health, wealth, bigger, better, more horsepower…

If our Christian experience is consumed only with the pursuit of God’s blessing, then it comes with the high cost of missing the greatest blessing of all—God himself.

Seeing it differently

The danger in this kind of thinking comes when favorable circumstances become the only standard for blessing. This thinking can lead to both a deep-seated frustration and a misguided understanding of how God really works in the world.

By expanding our understanding of blessing, we begin to see it all differently. We start seeing the divine significance and God-given blessing in every step, even the painful and challenging ones.

The Most Blessed Life

Hint hint: has nothing to do with the bling, rings, and better “things”

Throughout this book, The Blessed Life, that no one really wants, Troy Dobbs confronts the wildly popular prosperity gospel—that God promises health and wealth—which has gained a foothold in the world today.

As Troy unpacks Jesus’ message of the Beatitudes, we are challenged to rethink what we see as blessing in our own lives and open up to the blessings God wants to give us.

What You'll Learn In This Book:

The true meaning of a blessed life - including what Jesus has to say about it.

How to think differently about your pain, trial, and struggles in life, seeing blessings at every step.


Lessons on forgiveness - giving others second-chances, confessing your own sins, and receiving forgiveness from God.


How much God wants to bless your life.


What's Inside:

Stories to Inspire

Author, Pastor Troy Dobbs, shares 112 pages worth of personal stories, some painful, to remind you you’re never alone and to encourage you on your walk with Jesus.

Downloadable Study Guide

You will get instant access to a downloadable and printable study guide to support you throughout the teachings of this book.

Insightful Teaching with Practical Application

The teachings in this book take us past head knowledge to practical application. Author, Pastor Troy Dobbs, has a way of distilling complex teachings into simple and practical lessons that every reader can relate to. A read that you will want to re-read time and time again.

An Honest and Refreshing Study of Scripture

A fresh perspective and teaching on the Beatitudes and applying them to our life today. Going beyond the "things'' that we so often consider to be blessings and focusing on the heart of the matter, growing closer to God.

Find a New Appreciation For Your God-given Life

This book will leave you encouraged, inspired, and flooded with joy and gratitude. You will come to see the beauty and unfoldings of your life with deep reverence and respect for God’s blessings throughout.

A new outlook that will change every interaction in your life.

What Readers Are Saying...

Troy Dobbs’ ability to unpack the Gospel is elite. This book really motivates you to a closer walk with God. It brings basic principles to life in an inspirational and impactful way. Simple yet profound wisdom – you will finish reading it encouraged and empowered.”

Coach R.

From Hearing to Applying... The Blessed Life. I repeatedly found myself stopping to consider his insight into this well known passage, rereading paragraphs and allowing the Holy Spirit saturated thoughts to resonate more deeply in my soul. I anticipate this being one of those books I go back to time and time again and share with others. Pastor Dobbs definitely hits the mark from deep with The Blessed Life!

William E.

A fresh and insightful study of the Beatitudes. I found this study of the Beatitudes to give me fresh eyes for reading and understanding them. It also helped me to look at what it truly means to have a blessed life. It strips away all of the "things" that we so often consider to be blessings and gets to the heart of true blessings.

Deborah A.


Troy Dobbs

Troy Dobbs, Senior Pastor at Grace Church (in Eden Prairie, Minnesota), submitted his life to Jesus Christ at twelve years of age and was baptized that same year. He often speaks about how his mother and grandmother played major roles in both his coming to faith and faith development. Married to wife, Cheri, and together have three beautiful children (two daughters and a son). He is passionate about spending time with his family, exercising, and following college basketball.

You Will Want to Re-read it Again and Again

Dobbs gives you insightful stories, spiritual sermon, and practical application all in one cover. A book you will want to pick up again and again as you walk with Jesus and uncover new challenges in your life.