Julie Klenk

From Fear to Faith


Julie Klenk

From Fear to Faith


Fear and anxiety can be a crippling, even paralyzing for some of us.  The worries of day-to-day life can hold us back from the joy of living a full and abundant life. 

But we don’t have to live this way!  God, through His word, shows us how we can choose to look at things differently.  How we can learn to rest securely in His care, His protection and His love. 

We’re inviting you to join Him on a journey through His word.  To move from a life shadowed by fear and anxiety to a life marked by faith and trust.

From Fear to Faith is simple.  It’s impactful.  And it’s life changing.  We can say this because it’s a study of who God is and what His word says.  Together we’ll learn what His promises are and who we are in Christ.  In just 12 weeks life can look so different!

Through the study, you’ll be in the presence of the Lord each day as you dig into His word.  Each week layers upon the next as you go deeper on your journey with Him.  You’ll learn simple and practical disciplines that you can begin living out immediately as you face your giants of fear and anxiety, taking away their power in your life.  Through this journey you’ll learn to find your identity, peace and strength in Jesus.

Week 1 – Dig Out the Weeds

Week 2 – Look Up

Week 3 – Choose Faith

Week 4 – Worship Him

Week 5 – Destroy Idols

Week 6 – Know Who You Are

Week 7 – Thank Him

Week 8 – Pray

Week 9 – Thwart the Lies

Week 10 – Know His Word

Week 11 – Stand Firm

Week 12 – Tell Others

We’re inviting you to join with the many others who have moved from fear to faith, by His grace, and through this life transforming study of God’s word.

From Fear to Faith is perfect for individual study, as a one-on-one study, or as a small-group study.