Julie Klenk

From Fear to Faith


Julie Klenk

From Fear to Faith


The 12 week study, From Fear to Faith,  guides each of us to remember, through Christ, what we may have previously forgotten…

We do not need to carry it all on our own.

We can stop holding on to everything so tightly.

We can, finally, give it up to God.

My commitment with this book is to invite you into a new way of living -  one that isn’t constrained by fear and anxiety...but rather liberated with God’s love, and your own identity within Him.

Many of us in the world today feel paralyzed with fear and anxiety - whether in the uncertainty of day-to-day events, life transitions, or even tragedies…

The level of worry and fear seems to be increasing - blocking us from the love, joy and abundance we are capable of experiencing.

The lessons throughout this book guide you to choose not only a new perspective, but also a new way of being… a simple, and yet profound undertaking.

To turn fear into faith.


Each day, you’ll be in the presence of the Lord as you dig into His word - with each week building on the last, to continue to deepen your faith and connection to Him.

The simple and practical disciplines will help you find safety in uncertainty, strength in challenging times, and clarity in who you really are. 

You will be guided to face your giants of fear and anxiety...and reclaim your true power through God. 

From Fear to Faith is simple.  It’s impactful. And it’s life changing.  

Here’s the breakdown:

Week 1 – Dig Out the Weeds

Week 2 – Look Up

Week 3 – Choose Faith

Week 4 – Worship Him

Week 5 – Destroy Idols

Week 6 – Know Who You Are

Week 7 – Thank Him

Week 8 – Pray

Week 9 – Thwart the Lies

Week 10 – Know His Word

Week 11 – Stand Firm

Week 12 – Tell Others

We’re inviting you to join the many others who have moved from fear to faith, by His grace, and through this life transforming study of God’s word.

From Fear to Faith is perfect for individual study, as a one-on-one study, or as a small-group study.