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Meet the Team
– Larry Pivec
     Customer Care Manager Larry Pivec

My first meeting with Brett and Sheila came in the fall of 2008 over a special project.

Little did I know that 5 1/2 years later I would have the privilege to work every day with them to serve customers, authors and everyone who comes through TRISTAN's doors. It is a joy to help fulfill the vision God has given Brett and Sheila for TRISTAN.

I have been blessed with an amazing wife and daughter. You may find my wife, our Golden Retriever and I running together most mornings. Other than running everyday (up to 1,641 days in a row and over 10,000 miles total) and yes, the knees are still doing fine, serving God and others through prayer is my passion. I also enjoy fellowship with my friends on the golf course, sometimes even hitting the golf ball.

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