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Growing Through the Narrow Spots
Written by Ruth Bachman
Padded hardcover, 40 pages
ISBN-13 978-0-931674-77-8
Imprint TRISTAN Publishing
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Growing Through the Narrow Spots - Padded hardcover, 40 pages

A timeless message about the one constant in life—change. “Growing Through The Narrow Spots” provides a model for managing change whole-heartedly; with resilience, courage, and grace.
“If cancer is the narrow spot in an hourglass and I am the sand, then I have traveled from the top through that tight spot to the bottom, the same sand, but with a different arrangement. When you go through that narrow spot, your sand is refined and redefined, sifting out interior resources not previously noticed and/or called upon. Life is full of narrow spots, not all labeled cancer. However, cancer is the narrow spot that has given me the opportunity to look at life with a different perspective, not once, but twice. It informs the way I choose to live life every day.”
Ruth Bachman

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