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My Boy, Ben
A Story of Love, Loss and Grace

Written by David Wheaton
Hardcover, 264 pages
ISBN-13 978-1-939881-04-5
Imprint TRISTAN Publishing
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My Boy, Ben<br /><em>A Story of Love, Loss and Grace</em> - Hardcover, 264 pages

My Boy, Ben is the true story of David Wheaton’s close companionship with an unforgettable yellow Lab named Ben. The journey begins with David pursuing his dream on the professional tennis tour yet facing the reality that his desire to get a dog will not be possible while being on the road for months on end.

A surprising letter received under his hotel room door in a faraway country changed everything. And soon David returned home to an unexpected puppy who would have an unimaginable impact on his life.

From the years of joy with his beloved Ben to the crushing grief David experienced upon losing him, My Boy, Ben is a moving story that culminates with the uplifting message of God’s grace—a grace that offers strength and hope in our most trying times.

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